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3 lessons for leaders to navigate conflict

If there’s one thing that’ll get most managers in a pickle, it’s dealing with conflict in their…

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Are high performers more at risk of burnout?

When it comes to burnout, one of the most common myths is that if you suffer from burnout,…

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Not your usual leadership blog

I was supposed to write a leadership blog for you today. But when I came to write…

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Feel Like Running Away? Then Do The Opposite.

I had a cool boss early on in my career called Carol. Carol was the ‘Queen of…

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5 leadership myths – and what you should believe instead.

Leadership is full of half-truths and well-worn assumptions. This week, I explore five of the recurring myths…

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What have you changed your mind about? (And if you haven’t, it could be time you need to!)

When was the last time you changed your mind about something?What is something which you used to…

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How to speak your team member’s language of appreciation (so your praise doesn’t miss the mark).

I was thrilled and honoured to get a sneak peak of Lauren Parson’s book Thriving Leaders Thriving…

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Go the retro. 5 ways you can build in reflection to improve performance.

“We do not learn from experience… we learn from reflecting on experience.” That’s what American philosopher, psychologist,…

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An open letter to leadership teams

Dear leadership teams, I want to start this open letter by saying I see the pressure you’re…

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