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Happy 10th Birthday to The Leader’s Digest!

Ten years ago yesterday, stomach in knots and feeling like a fraud, I pressed ‘publish’ on my first blog for...
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Five ways to build a high-performance team culture

High performance in teams doesn’t happen by accident. When I think about the teams I’ve been part of where we...
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Sensemaking: What it is, why it’s important right now – and how you can get better at it

There’s a skill that’s one of the most important for leaders to get better at right now. It’s nothing new....
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When it comes to burnout, what’s the latest – and what’s working?

Groov is an organisation I’m a huge fan of. It started when Sir John Kirwan – a founder of Groov...
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Are you operating in your sweet spot?

We feel more positive about our work when we can use our strengths to do it. When we work from...
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8 tips for leading a team remotely

There are loads of benefits to working remotely. For one, we can roll out of bed with time for a...
Be unique and different. Red figurine is stand out from the crowd.

The most important leadership qualities to develop in 2022

If the last two years have shown us anything, it’s that rapid and unpredictable change is unprecedented - as is...

3 common myths of coaching (and what’s true instead)

Coaching is a leadership superpower. Coaching saves you time. It helps you delegate. It improves performance, builds capability and helps...
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4 great questions to help with your decision-making

4 great questions to help with your decision-making Not long ago, I was coaching a leader who was faced with...

What a little bathroom karaoke reminded me about moments of joy

I suck at singing. Like, I’m ‘dogs howling at the assault of the sound’ bad.  But I love to sing....

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