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21 leadership habits to cultivate in 2021

I love a good New Year’s resolution; I make them all the time. The trouble is that they often don’t...

What ‘Humans of New York’ can teach us about leadership (PLUS book GIVEAWAY)

Leadership inspiration can come from all sorts of unusual places. An example? There’s a photographer called Brandon Stanton who has...

Icarus: A cautionary tale for the overambitious

When it came to fables and useful myths to demonstrate a point, the Greeks had it going on. The story...
decision making

Five common decision-making mistakes and how to avoid them

Teams tend to make decisions in one of three ways. All three approaches have their place and their strengths.  However,...

How to support those new to leadership roles

In the past month, I’ve come across at least five situations where emerging or first-time leaders are coming unstuck in...

The ‘L’ word and why it’s central to your leadership success

I’ve been told on more than one occasion that I use the word ‘love’ a lot. It peppers my conversation like chili in...

The 51% Rule: A useful tool for ongoing conflict

Dealing with conflict is part and parcel of being a leader. And conflict in a team is a healthy thing,...
suzi and bookshelf

This week, I’ll finish writing a book. This is what I’ve learned

This week, I will finish writing my book manuscript and send it off to the publishers. This is something I’ve...

Beware this decision-making flaw

There’s a pesky little decision-making flaw that we all fall prey to. This insidious decision villain seems to ramp up...

A practical exercise to build a collective vision for your team

Building a high performing, cohesive team is one of your most imperative responsibilities as a leader. Sounds obvious huh? But...

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