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Ditch the bad habits: Using the 4 stages of awareness to be a better leader

I’ve been told several times, by several different people, that I have a tendency to interrupt. The first time someone...

The two types of trust you need to build with your team (and three ways to go about it)

Everything good that happens between people at work comes down to one thing – trust. Yet the more I work...

3 Common Leadership Myths About Burnout – And What To Think Instead

The following is a piece I wrote for the incredible Tanveer Naseer’s Leadership blog, republished here. There are so many...

Simplify: How can you take stuff OUT instead of putting stuff IN?

Editor: I like your book except for the ending. Author: What’s wrong with the ending? Editor: It should be closer...
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An interview with Michael Lee Stallard, global expert on the power of connection – and why it’s fundamental for your leadership practice

When you meet a globally renowned expert on connection and leadership and find that you connect immediately… Well, I reckon...

Just a week until you can discover how to go Beyond Burnout

Drum roll please… Next week, on 9 February, my book Beyond Burnout: How to Spot it, Stop It and Stamp...

21 leadership habits to cultivate in 2021

I love a good New Year’s resolution; I make them all the time. The trouble is that they often don’t...

What ‘Humans of New York’ can teach us about leadership (PLUS book GIVEAWAY)

Leadership inspiration can come from all sorts of unusual places. An example? There’s a photographer called Brandon Stanton who has...

Icarus: A cautionary tale for the overambitious

When it came to fables and useful myths to demonstrate a point, the Greeks had it going on. The story...
decision making

Five common decision-making mistakes and how to avoid them

Teams tend to make decisions in one of three ways. All three approaches have their place and their strengths.  However,...

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