The groundbreaking leadership programme for emerging leaders

Equip Your Emerging Leaders with 
the Essential Skills to Succeed

A blended leadership programme, The Leader’s Map equips your emerging leaders with the skills and confidence to lead successfully.

Personal Progress, 
Group Support

Too often, people are thrust into roles of people leadership without the necessary skills and tools to succeed. The Leader’s Map fills that void. The Leader’s Map enables emerging leaders to aquire, amplify and apply the core leadership skills to succeed. Participants also learn to set clear paths for how things are to be accomplished and encourage ownership and a problem-solving approach to delivery.

Using The Leader’s Map app, leaders can study from anywhere at their own pace. Real-time progress monitoring facilitates the Programme Manager to support leaders and your organisation to remain motivated to succeed. Group in-person or virtual coaching sessions enhance online learning and enable those taking part to master their new skills by putting them into practice.

Made for Those in Roles Requiring Skilled Leadership

The programme gives emerging leaders the necessary tools to succeed in their role, integrating online lessons with group coaching sessions and activities.

First time, emerging and mid-level leaders

Current leaders who have not undertaken leadership training

Those who aspire to take up their first leadership role

Mid level leaders who need or want to focus on improving some aspect of their role

The Proven Way to Accelerate Your Leaders’ Learning


Blended learning


12 months


8 modules


4-5 hrs per module

Programme Modules

  1. Defining your leadership brand

    Get clear on who you want to be as a leader

  2. The art of giving and receiving feedback

    Master the skills of giving, seeking and receiving feedback

  3. Become an outstanding coach

    Uncover the practice of coaching, a leadership superpower

  4. How to manage your time & prioritise like a pro

    Delegate, prioritise and run meetings effectively, it’s all in here

  5. Mind body reset

    Manage stress, build resilience and self confidence, manage wellbeing

  6. Build a great team

    Tools for building high performance teams and development

  7. Managing performance

    Set expectations and manage team and individual performance

  8. Leading Change

    How to lead yourself and others through change

Your leaders complete 8 modules which focus on a key topic or skill of leadership. Each module is backed by leading research and contains a number of lessons, covering key aspects.

Leaders also receive ongoing support throughout:

  • Before the programme begins, all participants and other relevant stakeholders within your organisation come together for a Kickstart session to learn about and launch the course.
  • Halfway through each module, participants meet in smaller Peer Cohort Sessions to share knowledge, and put learnings into practice.
  • At the end of each module, an End of Module Group Coaching Session brings all participants together to discuss learnings and support each other.
  • At the end of the programme we hold a graduation where leaders are recognised for completing the programme.

Experience a lesson

This free trial lesson let's you experience The Leader’s Map for yourself:


The fundamentals of good coaching

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“Becoming a leader can be daunting for those setting out on their leadership role. New expectations, new challenges, new accountabilities … The Leader’s Map is the accessible, proven way for those coming into leadership to learn what’s involved, gain the skills they will require, work alongside others and receive the support needed to build confidence.

The Leader’s Map works because it covers all the groundwork needed, but in modules that feel tangible, manageable and focused. Participants’ sense of accomplishment is critical to them making noticeable headway.”

Suzi McAlpine

Purpose-Built to Succeed

The Leader’s Map meets the needs of emerging and mid-level leaders and Programme Managers.


  • Interactive online learning plus in-person or virtual workshops and group coaching
  • Study when it suits you best
  • Best practice learning methods and materials, including videos, resources and tests
  • Progress reporting and motivational support
  • On the job methods of applying your learning

Programme Managers

  • Real time progress monitoring
  • Monthly progress reports
  • Ongoing support and coaching from your leadership coaches
  • Advice on how to get the best out of The Leader’s Map programme

What Leaders 
Stand to Gain

The Leader’s Map equips leaders with the comprehensive skillset and experiences they need to lead. Through taking part in the programme, leaders will gain:

A marked improvement in their leadership capability, self awareness and confidence

Increased skills in coaching, performance management, feedback and leading change

Improved communication skills in a variety of contexts

Increased engagement and loyalty


Leaders share their experiences


There are two parts to investing in The Leader’s Map programme: set-up and ongoing support; and the 12 month programme membership.

Programme set-up and ongoing support

Kickstart Fee
  • NZD GST exclusive
Enablement Fee
  • Per month, for 12 months
  • NZD GST exclusive


  • Programme set-up with Programme Manager and key stakeholders
  • Agenda creation and facilitation of KickStart Session for all participants and stakeholders
  • Facilitation training for group coaching sessions
  • Ongoing support for Programme manager and leaders

Programme membership

Emerging Leaders
  • Per leader
  • NZD GST exclusive
Emerging Leaders
  • Per leader
  • NZD GST exclusive
Emerging Leaders
  • Per leader
  • NZD GST exclusive


  • Includes full access to The Leader’s Map web application and leadership resources for 12 months.
  • 12 month interactive leadership programme
  • "On the job" learning, where leaders apply the leadership skills  they have aquired
  • Group coaching sessions and peer learning cohorts


How many leaders can we put through the programme? 

An organisation can have cohorts between 9-50 people at one time. Many clients have run multiple cohorts, starting at different times during the year.

How customisable is The Leader’s Map? 

Because of the blended nature of the programme (online and group coaching components), it offers multiple opportunities to tailor the material to your unique needs. The end of module group coaching sessions, in particular, use your leaders’ real life leadership experiences to embed learnings.

We also have Executive Team Sponsors from your organisation sponsor each module, providing another mechanism to customise the material to your unique context.

In addition, we can customise The Leader’s Map online content to include links to your organisation’s intranet, values, strategy and existing leadership frameworks. Additional fees apply for fully customised site.

How long does the programme take? 

The Leader’s Map follows best practice adult leadership learning in that it utilises ‘learning on the job’. Instead of going on a three day course - and then forgetting what you have learned - The Leader’s Map is designed to be completed over a 8-12 month period. This involves self directed online learning, with each module taking approximately 6-8 weeks to complete. At the end of each module, group coaching sessions enable the participants to embed their learnings, share experiences and break down cross functional siloes.

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