The groundbreaking leadership programme for senior leadership teams

Develop Your Executives into a High Performing Leadership Team

The Executive Team Map is a highly customised leadership programme which enables senior leaders to become the leadership team they aspire to be. Through highly customised workshops, team assessments, interventions and ongoing support, your leadership team is empowered to become the high performing, cohesive team they need to be to deliver what’s expected of them.

Investing in Success

The culture and performance of an organisation usually mirrors what's happening at the top table. When a senior leadership team is functioning effectively, high trust, mutual accountability, laser-like focus on the things that matter and a healthy team culture flow through to the organisation’s performance and culture.

The Executive Team Map draws upon proven leadership methodologies such as Patrick Lencioni’s 5 Dysfunctions of a Team, the Drexler Sibbet Team Performance Model, Wilson Learning Social Styles Inventory and other leadership research. These proven tools, combined with our considerable experience in group facilitation and experience working with senior executive teams, ensure positive, measurable success.

Transforming Leaders into High Performing Leadership Teams

The Executive Team Map gives senior leaders the tools they need to succeed collectively as a team, integrating individual support with group workshops and programmes.

Executive teams

Executive teams who are newly formed

Executive leadership teams who need to address dysfunction or build trust

Leaders who need to focus on improving the collective aspects of their role

The Proven Way to Accelerate Senior Team Performance




12 months minimum




Quarterly workshops with support and initiatives in between

Programme Outcomes

  1. Define your senior leadership team’s purpose and ensure buy in and clarity to that purpose from each team member
  2. Identify and implement positive team processes, norms and principles around meetings, agreed behaviours, operating rhythms and decision making.
  3. Pinpoint individual and group strengths and ensure your leadership team is capitalising on these strengths and harnessing them on a day to day basis.
  4. Address group and individual weaknesses and unproductive behaviours. This raises self awareness, provides upskilling in giving and receiving feedback and ensures group members hold each other to account.
  5. Build trust within the cornerstone of high team performance
  6. Create strong, productive relationships and communication between team members.

Your executives are supported through a customised programme that addresses their specific challenges and opportunities.

Your Executive Team Map includes:

  • An initial series of meetings and briefings with members of your Executive team to understand requirements and develop the programme.
  • A current team performance assessment based on individual interviews and The 5 Dysfunctions of a Team Assessment Report.
  • Four one day bespoke workshops, specifically designed to deliver a fully tailored programme for your Executive team.
  • Pre-work, post-work and feedback for each workshop participant
  • Relevant resources for team members throughout the 12 months.
  • Email and phone call support and follow up
  • Administration and evaluation of programme ROI.

“The Executive Team Map works so well because each person receives the ongoing support they need at the same time as the group lifts their collective understanding and performance through incisive coaching. Our role is to act as your leadership team’s ‘challenging cheerleader’ as they make their journey towards being the high performing team they aspire to be.

Senior leadership teams are under tremendous pressure to lead and deliver in ways that demonstrate individual and joint value. Our programme empowers ownership and confidence through regular check ins, resources and material tailored to your leadership team’s specific needs.”

Suzi McAlpine

Better, Together.

The Executive Team Map equips your senior leadership team with the teamwork capabilities they need to excel. Through the programme, each executive will gain:

A marked improvement in their capability, awareness and confidence individually and as a team

Improved communication in a senior team environment

Increased individual skills

Increased effectiveness and engagement


Leaders share their experiences



  • Per participant
  • NZD GST exclusive

Minimum Requirements

The Executive Team Map is designed for medium – large senior teams. For that reason, a minimum organisational fee of $28,480 plus GST applies.


How long does the programme last? 

Suzi works with your executive team for a minimum of 12 months, to ensure sustained and integrated development of the team. Many clients continue to engage Suzi for leadership team coaching post the programme, to ensure ongoing development and momentum.

How customised is this programme? We have specific needs, context and goals. 

The Executive Team Map is highly customised to meet your team where they’re at – and help them get where they want and need to be. Although no one executive team is the same, we know that there are common elements of high performing and cohesive teams, and so we draw on a range of modalities, models and approaches. We also ensure that we understand your context through initial and ongoing interviews with the CEO, Board and members of the team.

How do you measure progress? How do we know we are making positive change? 

At the beginning of the programme, we survey the team and provide a Team Assessment Report, which measures, against thousands of other ledarship teams, key performance metrics (including trust, mutual accountability, ability to navigate conflict, and performance). We then re do the same assessment at the end of the programme to measure progress and improvement. We can engage in stakeholder interviews and review engagement surveys to measure progress.

Ready to Accelerate Team Performance?

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