Why The Best Leaders Make Love Their Top Priority

This week I interview Matt Tenney onlove and leadership. In his inspiring TED talk, author and social entrepreneur Matt Tenney cites compelling case studies and research to help you see why making love a higher priority than profit is not only a more noble and fulfilling way to lead, it’s actually the surprising secret of the best leaders.

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Beware the ‘Boss Shadow Effect’

Shadow of a person on the grass

Loads of leaders have a blind spot when it comes to underestimating the shadow they cast.  I call it the Boss Shadow Effect. Many of us assume our teams are open and honest with us. About what they’re really thinking about our latest idea, how we ran that Monday morning meeting or what they think…

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Could Not ‘Managing Up’ Be Cramping Your Career?

Is not managing up cramping your style

There’s a whole lot of noise about how to lead your direct reports. And this is a good thing. The world would be a better place if bosses bossed better.  But there’s one area of leadership that’s often overlooked.  How to manage up successfully. What do I mean by ‘managing up’?  ‘Managing up’ means consciously…

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7 ways to overcome perfectionist tendencies

Hi, I’m Suzi and I’m a recovering perfectionist. Early on in life, I attributed any top grades and stellar performance appraisals I received to my perfectionism. I wore this Perfectionism badge with honour. I used to think that being a perfectionist would be a valuable trait for me as a leader too. High standards, striving…

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The 4 Leadership Villains of Fyre Festival (and their antidotes)

There have been two recently released documentaries about the failed music festival, Fyre. In the Netflix one that I watched, it had all the makings of a blockbuster movie. There were models, an exotic private island previously owned by drug lords, luxury accommodation and the young entrepreneur determined to shake up the music festival scene.…

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