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About my Blog

If you told me I had to stop writing my blog, The Leaders Digest, I would probably flail about in the overly dramatic way eight year old girls do, when they have been told they have to stop cartwheeling inside. 

That’s how much I love blogging. In fact, come to think of it, cartwheeling is a great metaphor for how I feel about writing about leadership.

The Leader’s Digest is a creative outlet, a vehicle for expressing the themes I experience each day in my work as an executive coach, and a forum for you to share your leadership journey.

It’s gained some pretty cool attention from international juggernauts, including being ranked as one of the world’s top 50 leadership blogs and among the best leadership blogs of the 21st century.

My blog posts have been described as “jaunty” and “quirky, but with a hard-hitting leadership message”. I’ve linked leadership to olives, the All Blacks and a horse named Puzzle. 

The Leader’s Digest blog is designed to give you ideas and practical tips on how to lead better – but hopefully they’ll also be the equivalent of a sneaky look at Facebook or Snapchat – informative, interesting and a little bit different.

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