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Learning to pause when things go sideways: a guide for tense conversations in teams

Most teams know when a conversation in the group may be heading into difficult territory, coming unstuck or going skewwhiff....
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5 ways to influence up as a leader.

You’re a CEO who needs to get a significant project signed off from the Board.You’re a mid-level manager keen to...

Your heart may be in the right place, but is your behaviour following suit?

Diversity and inclusion is always a hot – and important – topic in leadership, and rightly so. This week I...
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5 mistakes you’re probably making when you give feedback

If you’re still not sure whether nailing feedback conversations should be one of your main skills to prioritise as a...
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The 1% rule – what it is and why it’s useful for you as a leader

You might have heard of the 1% improvement rule utilised by Head of British Cycling, Sir Dave Brailsford when he...
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How to facilitate – as opposed to dominate – your meetings

One of the most common traps leaders fall into is to dominate, not facilitate.  It shows up in meetings. It...
Hand squeeze yellow stress ball to relax.

A healthy dose of (eu)stress in the workplace never hurt anyone – here’s why

Stress in and of itself is not a bad thing. In fact, a certain amount of stress is not only...

The road less travelled – 5 tips if you’re stepping off the beaten path

This year, I’m doing something hugely counter-cultural with my business. Some might even say I’ve completely lost my marbles. Instead...

What do you want?

It’s a ridiculously simple question. But it’s not only one of the most powerful coaching questions I’ve used, it’s one...

What your closest friendships can teach you about how to be a better leader

I have three close girlfriends who are “my people”. They’re the ones I’d call first when the thing I fear...

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