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Integrity – perhaps the most important virtue of a leader

I once worked for a company whose core values included, “do the right thing”. Unlike loads of companies who merely...

7 questions you must ask yourself before you say goodbye to 2021

First question: What or who are you grateful for, right now, in this moment? No seriously.  Stop what you’re doing. ...

Why you should pay attention to this thing called The Great Resignation

Like most things, leadership has its lingo and its latest buzzwords. Authentic. Disruption. The new normal. The “new black”, if...

Words matter. But your behaviour matters more.

Don’t tell them – show them. Words matter. But your behaviour matters more.  You might be an executive team wanting to change...

The weight of the world: Taking care of yourself as a leader when the pressure’s on

Right now, your shoulders are probably feeling a bit heavy. No wonder.  Between taking care of your people (often remotely)...

Three common traps to avoid when it comes to one on ones (and one thing to dial up)

One on ones with your direct reports are one of the most important meetings you’ll have as a leader. If you’re...

Dead calm – How I’ve lost the wind beneath my sails.

For the last four months, I’ve been stuck in a dead calm. It’s as if I’m in in a yacht,...

7 tips for delivering bad news to your boss

Not gonna lie. Delivering bad news to your boss ain’t fun. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a CEO delivering a...

A useful tool when you’re about to lead change

Whenever there’s a new initiative or idea in your organisation, there will be forces that support it to happen –...
Dad moustache

One of the most powerful and underused tools in leadership

When I was five, my dad taught me about planets using an orange and a plum. We were having breakfast...

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