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The 51% Rule: A useful tool for ongoing conflict

Dealing with conflict is part and parcel of being a leader. And conflict in a team is a healthy thing,...
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This week, I’ll finish writing a book. This is what I’ve learned

This week, I will finish writing my book manuscript and send it off to the publishers. This is something I’ve...

Beware this decision-making flaw

There’s a pesky little decision-making flaw that we all fall prey to. This insidious decision villain seems to ramp up...

A practical exercise to build a collective vision for your team

Building a high performing, cohesive team is one of your most imperative responsibilities as a leader. Sounds obvious huh? But...

Why you should uncover your implicit biases (And yes, you do have them)

I have a friend who’s an eye surgeon. He received the top prize for Ophthalmology and Surgery – you know,...

Putting the spotlight on workplace wellbeing + your help with a survey

Understanding and supporting mental wellbeing is increasingly a priority for organisations – and with good reason. It has a profound...

Four things you should avoid when delivering bad news

When the CEO of Airbnb, Brian Chesky, had to tell his employees last month that there were going to be...
20200525 Dad moustache

My dad was intensely curious. Here’s why you should be too (especially right now)

My dad was an intensely curious man. Sure, he was a Professor of Education and did his PhD thesis on...
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The End Of The Beginning: Leadership into Level 2 and beyond

Here’s a date to save for this coming Wednesday afternoon, when you’ve had enough of boring Zoom meetings. This one...

What I did when my brother called me self-centred: Or, a better way to deal with feedback

Last week, in one of our regular lockdown phone calls, my older brother Andrew called me self-centred. Not in an...

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