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The third red flag of burnout: Reduced personal accomplishment or professional efficacy

Because burnout is a gradual process, it can often to be tricky to spot. Luckily, there are three signs, or...

Name your uncomfortable feelings – and magic may follow

My interview for the TVNZ Sunday programme with Jehan Casinader is one of those experiences I’ll look back on and...

5 phrases every leader should use (liberally)

There are probably some phrases you should leave out of your lingo when you’re a leader. “Do what I tell...

The second red flag of burnout: Cynicism or depersonalisation

Someone suffering from burnout is likely to show a combination of three signs that I like to call ‘the red...

The delicate dance of decision making: steps to do it well with groups

When it comes to making decisions in a group, there are ways to do it well and many more ways...
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I used to think values were bull – here’s why I’ve changed my mind.

I used to think values were full of bull.  Maybe I’d seen one too many shiny, plaque-ey corporate value statements...

The first red flag of burnout: Chronic exhaustion

A bit like a candle burning down, burnout is a slow burn. It doesn’t happen overnight. That’s one of the...

Ditch the bad habits: Using the 4 stages of awareness to be a better leader

I’ve been told several times, by several different people, that I have a tendency to interrupt. The first time someone...

The two types of trust you need to build with your team (and three ways to go about it)

Everything good that happens between people at work comes down to one thing – trust. Yet the more I work...

3 Common Leadership Myths About Burnout – And What To Think Instead

The following is a piece I wrote for the incredible Tanveer Naseer’s Leadership blog, republished here. There are so many...

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