Wagging 101 For Leaders

If you’ve got a little rebel in you, then you’ve come to the right place.

Actually, I think most of us have a wild child within us – even if it’s only unleashed on the odd occasion. In fact, I think giving our responsible and sensible selves a holiday every now and then can be a good thing.

I was reminded of this just the other day, when my friend and I ‘bunked-off’ for the afternoon.

We ditched our desks, deadlines and infinite to-do lists to just hang for the afternoon. It felt naughty – but at the same time, it also felt so good.

My accomplice, AKA Wagging Wing Woman…

We talked about a whole heap of ridiculous stuff, laughed until we cried and kicked back in the sun over a glass of cider and a delicious platter.

And, somewhat ironically, we also discovered some gems relating to our work as well – including the concept for this blog.

Leaders work incredibly hard. You strive, push and sweat your little over-achieving butts off to get results (for yourselves, your teams and your organisations) every single day.

So I reckon, every now and then, it’s OK to break away from the ‘seriousness’ of our daily lives and channel the inner rebel. You never know, you might just make a few discoveries of your own.

Wagging 101 For Leaders:

Step 1: Choose a day where you are completely fed up, over it, exhausted or just burnt out.

Or, a day where you feel just a tad mischievous.

Step 2: Enlist a partner in crime.

This could be a good friend or someone who also believes in the fact you are “good” for 364 days of the year, so at least once a year you have to let out your inner rebel. You may even pick up another wagging waif or stray along the way in your plotting – as many as it takes to increase the fun factor,  but not so that it gets out of hand.

Step 3: Get in a car.

Road trips are compulsory for wagging (even as a grown up). Convertible with top down? Extra points.

Step 4: Get a rockin’ playlist.

Two great kiwi bands which fit the bill for such an occasion are Shapeshifter and Six60 for starters.

Play it loud.

Step 5: Drive.

To somewhere which rocks your world and is sure to lift your spirits.

A place which will help you to reconnect with what’s important and makes you feel alive.  Beaches and water always work for me. Nature always inspires.

Step 6: Do stuff you wouldn’t normally do.

Take your shoes off and walk barefoot down a beach. Have as much fun as you possibly can. Breathe deeply. Laugh. Talk about stupid sh#t. Like “5 things I can’t stand”. You get the drift, just do something different.

Step 7: Don’t feel guilty.

Or at least let your inner rebel give your ‘parental judgemental responsible guilt voice’ the bird. Feel good about being out in the fresh air enjoying THIS VERY MOMENT instead of sitting at your desk doing REALLY IMPORTANT STUFF.

Damn this was a good idea. Why are seagulls so ANGRY?! Shall we order a platter now? *Deep contemplative thought* *wagger swagger*

Top tip: maintain wagging energy levels with *whatever the hec you feel like* and a few sides of *whenever the hec you please*

Step 8: Go home feeling smug and refuelled, knowing that once a year you took off your coat of responsibility, shed the weight of your big day job, let go of perfectionism and took yourself back to those gloriously free teenager years where the most important thing that filled your head space was what flavour pie you were going to get from the petrol station when you had the munchies.

Life is shorter than you think.

Wag once a year.

Even the boss needs to be bad sometimes.

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Suzi McAlpine

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