Wise Words from Women in Leadership

I've just returned home from speaking  on collaborative leadership at the 2nd Public Sector Women in Leadership Summit 2015.

Here I am doing my thang. I'm the small dark blob in the distance.


For more on collaborative leadership in action, download my speech notes or register your interest for our upcoming workshops (see how at the bottom of this blog post).

What an inspiring bunch of women! And I'm talkin' the delegates as well as the speakers. I learned so much and it was interesting to see some common themes emerge.

For instance, take opportunities when they present themselves - even if you're not sure you're ready for them, have all the skills, or if it just plain scares the bejeebers out of you.

And another common theme? Be yourself. I know authentic leadership is a trendy concept at the moment, but it's so true. The best leaders (and in this case the best speakers) were unapologetically themselves. Sure, you might not be everyone's cup of tea, but so what? Not everyone likes tea,  so you may as well be the best darn cup of tea you can be!

As usual I was tweeting up a storm whilst the speakers shared their wisdom.

Here are a few of my top tweeted tips from the summit:-

"Embrace grazed shins and stubbed toes (metaphorically). Wear your scars with pride." - Maria Robertson #PSWL15 #leadership

— Suzi McAlpine (@suzimcalpine) February 25, 2015

"Action of any kind breeds confidence and confidence breeds success." - Tina Wakefield, Ministry of Justice #leadership @LiquidLearning — Suzi McAlpine (@suzimcalpine) February 24, 2015
"I have a strange passion for giant problems." - Glenis Philip-Barbara from CYF; so inspiring #leadership @LiquidLearning

— Suzi McAlpine (@suzimcalpine) February 24, 2015

"They employed me because of ME, not because I'm one of them." Jo Devine, @NZDefenceForce CFO at PS Women in Leadership Summit — Suzi McAlpine (@suzimcalpine) February 24, 2015
"When we bring our whole person to work, that's when we succeed in our roles." Liz MacPherson, CE and Government Statistician @StatisticsNZ

— Suzi McAlpine (@suzimcalpine) February 23, 2015

"Often the 'dumb' question is the real question" - The Honorable Fran Wilde #pswl15z #leadership pic.twitter.com/tcyVBzxHvJ — Suzi McAlpine (@suzimcalpine) February 23, 2015

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Which of the quotes above resonates with you the most - and why? I'd love to hear from you - please leave your comments below.

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