Step into the spotlight

Recently I sat down (albeit, over Zoom) with my clever friend Russell Pickering, who also happens to be the Founder and Managing Director of The Pickering Group. Russell and The Pickering Group help teams and individuals find their spotlight – and step into it. From presentation training and public speaking skills (both virtual and in-person) to business storytelling and influence & persuasion training, Russell and his team really are the champions of face-to-face human connection.

Not only is Russell one of New Zealand’s leading specialists in effective communication, business storytelling and presentation training, he’s also just written a book: Step into the Spotlight - Present with impact, inspire confidence and get results.

I was lucky enough to read an advance copy of the book, through my ‘leadership lens’. I strongly believe that while Russell’s book is relevant for so many people in the workplace, it’s a must-buy for leaders.

Ahead of Russell’s official book launch on 1st April, I’m thrilled to share our conversation with The Leader's Digest readers.

In a little over 20 minutes we covered:

  • Some of the biggest myths when it comes to presenting, and what’s actually true instead
  • How you ‘fill a room’ and deliver with energy and conviction, while maintaining your authenticity
  • How presenting virtually (which we’re all doing more of nowadays) differs from in-person
  • Where so many of us go wrong, and some tips for better preparation and messaging
  • And you’ll see the thing Russell really gets riled up about!

You can reach out to Russell directly via LinkedIn – or – to order your copy of Step into the Spotlight, head to

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