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7 ways to overcome perfectionist tendencies

Hi, I’m Suzi and I’m a recovering perfectionist. Early on in life, I attributed any top grades and stellar performance...
Fyre Festival

The 4 Leadership Villains of Fyre Festival (and their antidotes)

There have been two recently released documentaries about the failed music festival, Fyre. In the Netflix one that I watched,...
Job interview

Guest blog: Why you need to implement Continuous Performance Management and how to do it

This week I am thrilled to be sharing a guest post on The Leader’s Digest. This post was written for...
Back to work

6 Ways to Lead your Team Through the “Back to Work Blues”

While the US Federal Government’s ongoing shutdown continues, the rest of the world is getting back to work in full-swing....

Get Sh#t Done: Eight of the best productivity hacks for leaders

If there was a trophy for short attention spans, I’d be on the winner’s podium. Google leads me down rabbit holes...

Why Rest is the new Black – 6 ways you can unwind these Holidays

Hooray, it’s holiday time! You’ve just about made it. Perhaps after a year of wins, skinned knees, or a likely...
James Strock photo Cropped

Who are you serving? An interview with leadership author James Strock

If I ran a university and offered a degree in leadership, Serve to Lead 2.0 would be THE MUST READ...
King Photo Cropped

The event that saved Stephen King’s career (and why it is an important leadership lesson)

When Stephen King was writing his first book, he was working two jobs and struggling to make ends meet. He...

How to stay the course when you encounter rough seas

As you probably know, I love a good metaphor to illustrate ideas for your leadership journey. So this week, we...
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An acronym you should remember when leading change

I like acronyms. They’re handy. Where would we be without RSVP, ETA and FYI? And having to remember the colours...

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