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Five Small Steps to Become a Better Leader

Time’s 100 Most Influential People of 2019 list is out. It’s a powerful snapshot of our times and makes for...
Suiz McAlpine Book Reccomendations 3

My Top Five Book Recommendations for Leaders

You never stop being a student, no matter how many years it’s been since you’ve stepped into a classroom. Great...
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Bullying in the Workplace: What Every Leader Needs to Know

According to one 1700-person academic survey, New Zealand had the second-worst rate of workplace bullying in the developed world with...

7 tips for giving feedback in the workplace (video lesson included)

If there’s one thing I’ve noticed time and time again as an executive coach, it’s that most people feel uncomfortable...

Who do people trust the most to lead change?

According to latest global research from the 2019 Acumen Edelman's Trust Barometer, employers are the most trusted to lead change....
International Women's Day

International Women’s Day – The Definition of a Woman Leader (it’s not what you think)

Today is International Women’s Day. This is a leadership blog, so today’s blog should be about women in leadership, right?...
Suzi and Puzzle

What my childhood horse, Puzzle, taught me about leadership

When I was nine, my parents divorced and Mum and I moved from the big city to a small, tight-knit...
Imperfect - shutterstock_345855131

7 ways to overcome perfectionist tendencies

Hi, I’m Suzi and I’m a recovering perfectionist. Early on in life, I attributed any top grades and stellar performance...
Fyre Festival

The 4 Leadership Villains of Fyre Festival (and their antidotes)

There have been two recently released documentaries about the failed music festival, Fyre. In the Netflix one that I watched,...
Job interview

Guest blog: Why you need to implement Continuous Performance Management and how to do it

This week I am thrilled to be sharing a guest post on The Leader’s Digest. This post was written for...

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