Laughter is the Best (Christmas) Medicine

It’s such a crazy time of year. Getting organised at work and home before a much anticipated break can be stressful.

Yesterday I was enjoying an end-of-year toast with a girlfriend, before we head away for our Christmas holiday.

We always end up in fits of laughter over the silliest things and I was reminded of what a powerful tonic having a good laugh can be – particularly at times when emotions and stress levels are at boiling point.

Leadership can be a serious game - it's easy to forget how to just let go…and laugh.

Watching this clip this morning (instead of doing paperwork :/) reminded me of how having fun (and in this case, being silly) is as important as being serious.

Take a couple of minutes to watch it and see if it tickles your funny bone. Or, if it doesn't, find something that makes you laugh and see how much better you feel. Especially in comparison to doing paperwork anyway!


Cranston Holden
December 23, 2013 AT 2:19AM

I think baby goats may be one of my all time favorite things.

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