3 Tips For Subjugating Your Ego To Become More Collaborative

The unchecked ego can be one of the biggest villains of collaborative leadership. Watch my latest vlog for three tips to subjugate your ego, in order to become a more collaborative leader - or alternatively you can read the vlog notes below.


  • Effective leader = collaborative leader.
  • One of the biggest villains of collaborative leadership is the unchecked ego (I know best or I need to know what to do, or top impress).
  • We need to become aware of when the ego is taking centre stage. Ask yourself, "In what situations does my ego get in the way?"
  • 3 tips for subjugating your ego to become a more collaborative leader:

1. Regularly go last with your opinion or idea. Or at the very least, rarely go first. Your team will want to agree with your ideas or, at the very least, not want to disagree with you. Let the team come up with ideas first.

2. Start to have regular 'what if' brainstorming scenarios, where you are the facilitator only. Give no input or ideas.

3. Pose a powerful question to your team and leave the room. Let the team come up with the idea and recommendations.

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