The 8 Cornerstones


(and how to cultivate them)

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Being a leader can be incredibly rewarding.

It can also be tough and bewildering.

If you sometimes feel a little overwhelmed with the ever-increasing demands of leadership, or if you’re confused about what great leadership looks like (or how to cultivate it) you’re not alone. Many leadership theories and practices developed in the last fifty years are now outdated. They no longer suit the world in which we lead.

Technology (in particular social media), increased global connectedness, the growing volatility and complexity organisations are experiencing - not to mention the sheer pace of change - means leadership is more challenging than ever before.

But, here’s the good news... Effective leadership has the power to have more of a positive impact, on more people around the world, than ever before in history. This eBook outlines the 8 cornerstones of great leadership and provides you with simple, practical tips and tools you can start implementing - right now - to improve your leadership.


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Suzi has helped me get a whole new perspective on how I operate. Practical when I need it, reflective when it's good for me, and always supportive, I really enjoy working with Suzi.

Kay Booth

Deputy Director, Te Papa Atawhai


Suzi took the time to understand us and our business philosophy, our values and our people before she went to work on helping us become better leaders and a better team. Suzi has the ability to engage at many levels within the organisation and we have utilised her unique skillset and expertise with myself, my fellow 3 suite partners, members of our Senior Management team and together as Senior team.

Scott Gibbons

CEO / Managing Director, Gibbons Holdings Ltd

Having worked for Suzi for over five years now I have found her very engaging and grounded. Leadership is not a one-dimensional construct and Suzi's guidance allows oneself to navigate to new areas to explore as we develop our leadership skills. Suzi is a very important part of our wider leadership team development programme.

Parke Pittar



Weta Workshop has worked with Suzi over the past 5 years in a variety of leadership development activities. She provides individual coaching for a number of our senior and upcoming leaders. She has also been key to the development and facilitation of leadership workshops and seminars for our senior crew. We have seen demonstrable results from the crew she has interacted with directly, and also from the workshops she’s run with us.

David Wilks

General Manager, Weta Workshop


I find my regular catch-ups with Suzi hugely beneficial. I constantly have too much on my plate resulting in feelings of being overwhelmed and out of control. Suzi is a breath of fresh air, and has the ability to ask questions that cut through any confusion, getting me back on track and arming me with tools to take on the next challenge! I thoroughly recommend her as a mentor/coach to dramatically increase the effectiveness of any busy executive or person.

Shane Anselmi

Managing Director, Overland Footwear Ltd


Our organisation has utilised Suzi’s services, both in her capacity as a one-on-one Executive Coach and as a facilitator with our Senior Leadership team. Her approach is engaging, thought provoking and refreshing and we highly recommend her to any organisation seeking to aid the development of their Senior Management teams.

Martin Byrne

CEO, Port Nelson