Five common decision-making mistakes and how to avoid them

Teams tend to make decisions in one of three ways. All three approaches have their place and their strengths.  However, trouble arises when we fall prey to overusing one of them. Or when we automatically apply a decision-making style without much thought as to what’s needed for that situation – a kind of ‘knee jerk’…

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A practical exercise to build a collective vision for your team

Building a high performing, cohesive team is one of your most imperative responsibilities as a leader. Sounds obvious huh? But too often, it’s something we leave to chance, instead of being purposeful and committed to proactively creating one. Building a high performing and cohesive team requires intentional practice – and perhaps more importantly, persistence. A…

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Beware the ‘Boss Shadow Effect’

Shadow of a person on the grass

Loads of leaders have a blind spot when it comes to underestimating the shadow they cast.  I call it the Boss Shadow Effect. Many of us assume our teams are open and honest with us. About what they’re really thinking about our latest idea, how we ran that Monday morning meeting or what they think…

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Are you doing DIVERSITY right? A quality Q&A with Tania Domett

If you’re still wondering whether diversity in the workplace is important…best you go hang out with the Flat Earth Society.   As McKinsey & Co (and a host of other highly credible researchers) have shown, diversity makes your organisation more effective, successful and profitable.  But knowing you should be cultivating and promoting a diverse workforce –…

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Could Not ‘Managing Up’ Be Cramping Your Career?

Is not managing up cramping your style

There’s a whole lot of noise about how to lead your direct reports. And this is a good thing. The world would be a better place if bosses bossed better.  But there’s one area of leadership that’s often overlooked.  How to manage up successfully. What do I mean by ‘managing up’?  ‘Managing up’ means consciously…

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