Beware the ‘Boss Shadow Effect’

Shadow of a person on the grass

Loads of leaders have a blind spot when it comes to underestimating the shadow they cast.  I call it the Boss Shadow Effect. Many of us assume our teams are open and honest with us. About what they’re really thinking about our latest idea, how we ran that Monday morning meeting or what they think…

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How To Deliver Bad News To Your Boss

There are few moments more ‘pit-of-your-stomach angst ridden’ than delivering bad news to your boss. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a CEO delivering a “not-so-hot” revised forecast to the Board, a Chairman fronting up to shareholders about another “poor year” or a hapless middle-manager telling your boss the project launch date is delayed….yet again. These moments take no…

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4 Tips For Dealing With Criticism

If you are a leader, you will encounter criticism. The trick is knowing how to sift and sort the gems from the gremlins. Being able to discern what and whom to ‘dig’ – and what and whom to ‘ditch’. As you scale the organisational ladder, it’s likely you will receive less challenging feedback. Although your…

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