Name your uncomfortable feelings – and magic may follow

My interview for the TVNZ Sunday programme with Jehan Casinader is one of those experiences I’ll look back on and say, “Yeah. That was a good move.” It’s been brilliant for book sales, business, and providing a platform for me to bang on about Beyond Burnout. But what you don’t know is that I almost…

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Beware the ‘Boss Shadow Effect’

Shadow of a person on the grass

Loads of leaders have a blind spot when it comes to underestimating the shadow they cast.  I call it the Boss Shadow Effect. Many of us assume our teams are open and honest with us. About what they’re really thinking about our latest idea, how we ran that Monday morning meeting or what they think…

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6 Conversations Leaders Need To Have Right Now

If good leadership means Facing Reality with a capital F, why do we hold back from saying what needs to be said? What gets in the way of us having chest-restricting, gut-churning but oh-so-freeing, ‘Facing Reality Conversations’? The irony is, when we speak honestly (and from the heart) about difficult situations, the fears that have been festering…

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Why Your Team Fear You – And How To Change It

Why your team fear you and what to do about it, The Leader's Digest

Your team is more scared of you than you think. Let me rephrase that. They are more cautious, more reluctant, more reticent to share with you what they reeeaaaally think, than you think they are. Even if you’re more approachable than mama’s sweet apple pie, you’re not as approachable as you might think. Your team members are ALWAYS…

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How To Prevent Fear From Stealing Your Leadership Mojo

Did you know we are born with only two fears? The fear of falling and loud noises. Everything else is developed through our experiences. So, fear is an intrinsic part of our human make-up. And it sure does drive a WHOLE lotta behaviour. What does this mean if you are a leader? At its worst, fear leaves us paralysed.…

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